2015 Barcelona Trip, May 4th - July 3rd

Another housing swap. This time May and June in gorgeous Barcelona. Our swapper is a new grandmother whose daugther and new granddaughter live about 20 minutes from our Menlo Park home.

We get to live in Eixample, a very nice part of Barcelona. Our apartment here has three small bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen and combined living and dining room. It is very comfortable and very nicely decorated (thank you Mina).

OK, on to tourism. We have no plan! For now we are simply walking around a lot and seeing the sights we pass by. That will all change in June when our son Darius arrives. Or maybe before.

Click on a story:

    1. First Days of the Trip:     The Cathedral, Kokua

    2. Wonderful Barcelona and the Torre Agbar

    3. Visiting Friends in Valencia

    4. The Fashion Scene

    5. Just A Few Miscellaneous Items

    6. The Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres

    7. Another Great Modernist

    8. Pinchos

    9. Favorite Photos of Barcelona 2015 Trip

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