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Darius arrived a few days ago and last night we had dinner at a nearby cafe with Victor, the son of our swapper and Raquel, his partner. These people have given us much help. They are good people - very good people and we thank them heartily for all they have done for us.

Lunch at the L'Oreneta Cafe

Bilbao in Barcelona

A week ago Saturday was the Copa Del Rey (Kings Cup) soccer match between Barcelona and Bilbao. We were amazed to see the entire downtown area flooded with people wearing Bilbao colors. The news reported that "tens of thousands" of fans had travelled from Bilbao to Barcelona for the game. Unfortunately for them, Barcelona won, 3 to 1. Even though Bilbao folks were drinking mucho beer, they weren't too loud and they were peaceful. This is consistent with my picture of Spanish people around here.

Park Gruell

The last time we visited Barcelona was 6 maybe 7 years ago. Some of my best memories were of Gaudi's Park Gruell, high up on a hill above the city. This time things were different. Vitually all of Gaudi's interesting work is now in a "pay-to-enter" area that has been named the Monument Zone. Now one has to purchase tickets to enter the Monument Zone at a specific half-hour. I guess they had to do this to keep the crowds to a reasonable size. Even so, the best parts were still quite crowded. Altogether where the past visit to Park Gruell was memorable, this visit will likely prove forgettable.

Sueann at the Fundació Joan Miró (Museum of the Foundation Joan Miró)

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