Visiting Friends in Valencia

The Friends

In 2012 a relative of our friend Jill, David Anthony, stayed in our home with his programming partner for several weeks while they worked on a software project. When David and his parents learned we were in Barcelona they invited us to visit them in Valencia, about three hours to the south by train.

This past weekend we travelled to Valencia and stayed with David’s parents, Pilar and Peter. David and his wife Maria and his parents were exceptionally nice in the way they looked after us. David and Maria drove us all over Valencia and took us to the Falla Museum which we will talk about later. Pilar cooked delicious meals for us and helped us to feel completely at home. Peter answered all my questions and took us to the ceramic museum.

Pilar and Peter, Sueann and Jeff at a cafe

Maria, David and Jeff with Maria and David's Dog, Luna

Maria and David took us to a real Valencian restaurant, El Gourmet. All four of us ordered the same thing, pan sautéed calamari in olive oil, garlic and herbs.

The calamari were incredibly delicious. Look at our plates a little while later!

Pilar cooked us several delicious meals. Here she is preparing a paella.

A delicious feast by Pilar on the table. Everyone is ready to partake.

The Very special Home

We were fortunate to be the guests of Pilar and Peter who live in a very special building. There home is a 3 story home that with 104 similar homes is encased in a very special building in Valencia called Espai Verd or the White House.

The Espai Verd Building

“That singular white building seen from the road to Barcelona, modern and linear, and yet overflowing with lush vegetation of the terraces, is the Espai Verd, a residential building that was built in the 80s … thanks to the vision of a humanist, intellectual and spiritual architect named Antonio Cortés Ferrando.

Espai Verd comprises 105 homes, duplexes or triplexes all with large terraces and gardens and spacious common areas that allow privacy and join the community. The 105 homes are spread across 13 stories in the building. Different habitats created in the center of the building, sculptural areas, fountains, sports area, pool, and even a mountain with pines form an almost incredibly different kind of space in an urban environment. ( )

An Internal Garden Area

An Internal Passageway

Falles and Ninots

On the 19th of March each year, people in Valencia and the surrounding area celebrate the Day of Saint Joseph. For weeks before, craftsmen known as artistes fallers construct huge figures out of burnable materials containing smaller figure groups known as ninots. The figures are usually many stories tall and are placed in wide streets and plazas to be burnt on the night of March 19th. Before the burning begins, judges choose the very best ninots which go to the Museo Faller for display.

Fallers are typically several stories tall. The small people at the bottom of this photo provide some scale for the faller.

Fallers are made of combustible materials and burn BIG when they are lit.

Maria and David took Sueann and me to the Faller Museo where the best ninots from each year's celebration are exhibited. This was before we understood that ninots were just small parts of much larger falles, but before long we got the idea.

Maria making a ninot look good

A conversation with Cervantes

Sueann and Jeff Look Forward to Sharing with You Again

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