The Fashion Scene

This may be the most relaxed trip we have ever made. However, that does not mean that we have not been busy. Among other things, we have been very busy sitting in cafes watching the passing scene.

And I, clothes horse and fashionista that I am, have been observing the fashion scene. People love jeans! The women love skinny jeans, especially.They love skinny every kind of pants. Everyone loves torn up and abused jeans. They like glittery and decorated jeans. Aladin pants are popular among the younger women and the middle aged.

With the warm weather, men and women are wearing shorts. It is surprising to see short, shorts in a city. I mean really short, shorts, bun hugging shorts. The women seem to be very comfortable with their bodies. Women with all types of bodies seem to wear all types of clothes. The really old women donít wear jeans. They donít wear short, shorts, either.

Men, if not wearing a suit, seem to favor Tee shirts with graphics; James Dean is still popular, so is Emirates and Barcelona football (soccer to you). Womenís Tee shirts are very glittery and often draped off the shoulder. Among women, a bare back is popular so that their big and colorful tatoos can be seen. Menís arms are often plastered with them.

Women here love red hair; red of every hue and intensity from bright orange to pale pink. Some of it is even supposed to look natural. It seems that every block has at least one beauty shop so they can get all those lovely dye jobs.

What They Sell .....

And What They Wear!

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