One Week Before Heading Out

Dear Family and Friends,

In a little more than one week Jeffrey and I will be heading for Spain. Most of you know that we are doing another housing exchange. This time we will be in the village of Caldetes, north of Barcelona. Caldetes (Caldes D’Estrach in Catalan) is on the coast and is quite famous for its mineral springs. Legend has it that the Queen of Egypt came by boat across the Mediterranean just to bath in the waters. There are mineral spring spas in the coastal hotels and there is also one that the locals use. You can guess which one we’ll go to.

The couple we are exchanging with, Rose and Joso, are artists and jewelry makers. Rose is also a singer with a very lovely voice. Rose is from Minnesota and Joso is from Barcelona. We met Rose in December when she was here selling her jewelry. In fact, she spent Christmas with us. Joso was in Barcelona in December attending Christmas fairs selling his paintings. They spent a week with us in February when they showed their wares at the San Francisco International Gift Show.

In Spain, we won’t be lonely for company. Our friend, Colette, is coming from Paris for a weeks’ visit, and Jill and Gil will spend a few days with us after that. We’ll travel south to Denia to visit Doug and Marcia and before we know it, we’ll have to head home. I’m already sad about that.

While we’re away, we hope you will join us on our web page where we will write about what we see and do and illustrate our trip with photos.

Stay well everyone and be happy.

Sueann and Jeffrey

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