We have arrived


Here we are in Caldes DíEstrac. Actually weíve been here since Wednesday after a long, sleepless, but uneventful trip. All flights were on time and reasonably comfortable. When we arrived in Barcelona it was raining. So it was the next day but by Friday the clouds had cleared and today was gorgeous.

The house where we are staying is in on a farm at the edge of artichoke and pea fields with other crops in the near dstance. From the living area we have a view of the town, the fields and the Mediterranean Sea. The walk into town is down hill so we are getting plenty of exercise. In fact, the day we arrived, walked into town to go to the store and to get a library card, we were sure we had made a big mistake. How in the world are we going to walk this hill every day? Should we rent a car? My feet/legs/back canít take this.

That night we slept more than ten hours. In the morning we walked into town and back. That little hillís no problem. At least not after a good nightís sleep.

Caldes is a very nice looking little town. The streets and sidewalks are clean except for cigarette butts and the fact that the residents have not learned the art of doggie doo removal. There are definitely a lot of dogs in this town.

The town has a small Picasso Museum, a big park, mineral baths and a lovely broad and sandy beach. As yet, we have not explored these attractions. It has a library with WiFi, a police station, city hall, post office, two small grocery stores, a small covered food market and an outdoor market every Friday. There are hotels, restaurants, bars; all the essentials.

              The living room of our Caldes home

          View from the living room

                    Caldes street scene

The most essential thing for us is the train that goes to Barcelona. Thatís where we went today. More about that another time.

Love to all,


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