More about Caldes d’Estrac

Caldetes, another name for Caldes d’Estrac, the village where we are staying, is a very pleasant small town nestled among a few hills.  The main road, Riera Tibollt, runs from the train station quite near the beach up through the heart of town and ends near our house.  It is a 20 minute mildly uphill walk to our driveway which is a 100 feet of steeper steps to the house.  If the 20 minute walk doesn’t tire you out, the driveway will probably do the job.  There is a bus that we can catch at the train station at 45 minutes past every hour (last bus 10:45pm) which carries us about three quarters of the way up the hill towards our house.  We caught the bus the other day after we had spent most of the day walking around lovely Barcelona and the bus ride was superb.

The main town area has a number of quite nice restaurants, maybe 6 or 7, a great fish market (more about that later), a couple of bars, two small grocery stores, a daily green market and at least one of most things you need (e.g. barber\beauty shop, pharmacy, clothings store, hardware shop, etc.).  Altogether it is a very charming place.
At the bottom of the village runs the train tracks which run along the coast from way south of Barcelona to way north, France and further.  If you cross the tracks you come to the beach which at Caldetes is flat, wide and long – a great beach. Yesterday we enjoyed ourselves from 2pm to 4pm in a mostly open beach restaurant having a delicious paella and watching kids play on the beach.  I have been told this is one of the great pleasures of Caldetes and our experience confirmed this.    

Our house is a very old farm house, the upper two stories of which have been very nicely modernized without losing the charm of the original building.  The first floor belongs to Maria and her family who farm an acre or two that surround the house.   Maria might be 80 years old.  She seems quite healthy and is very friendly.  Maria and her family sell vegetable they grow and buy which is very convenient for us.

Sueann and I and our guests use the upper two stories of the building which belong to Rose and Joso, our home swappers.  Although some furnishings that might make it more comfortable here are missing, I very much enjoy the charm of the basic structure with its tall doors and windows.

I think you now have a picture of our situation in Caldetes, so next time we will likely take you to the wonderful city of Barcelona.

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