Meet Gracie one of our two new female kittens.  Gracie and her sister Sweetie were born on March 15th, 2008 in the same litter.  They are best buddies and love to play and play-fight together.

And here is that personality girl, Sweetie.  Sweetie likes to come up on my chest and give a little kiss to my nose.  No wonder we call her Sweetie.

Here they are together and a little older.  Sueann, MaLou, Jordan and Jeff  are very happy to have these two girls in our family.  Our only hope is that they don't go behind the kitchen cabinets when they are too big to crawl out.

Our grandson Jason loves the kittens.

They love each other.

The kittens after being spayed.

The kittens are 5 and 1/2 months old now.  They still romp around like when they were younger, just not quite a often.
Here is Gracie enjoying life.

Here is Sweetie looking her very sweetiest.

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