Photos of Our Trip to Mexico - February 2013

In February 2013 we spent 21 days in Mexico: 8 days in Mexico City, 4 days in Play Del Carmen to relax, 2 days in Valladolid to visit the Ek Balam archiological site and 7 days in Merida. The photos below show some of the highlights of the trip.

Cathedral Metropolitan

Courtyard of the Palacio Nationale

Diego Rivera Mural Showing History of Mexico in Palacio Nationale

Restaurant Overlooking Mexico City Zocalo

View of Zocalo and Catherdral Metropolitan. The Zocalo is being prepared for a concert by Marc Anthony. The concert would be free and when it took place on February 11th, 2013 the Zocalo was jam packed with 100,000 teens and young people.

Carlos Slim's Museum Holding Many of His Works of Art

Famous Library Building at the University of the Ciudad Universitaria Campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The North Wall Represents Mexico's Pre-Hispanic Past. South Wall: Colony Past. East Wall: Contemporaneous World. West Wall: The University and Modern Mexico.

Monument to the Revolution in the Plaza de la Republica

Sueann "under" the Monument to the Revolution

An Example of Mexico City's Great Modern Architecture

Mexico's Statue of Liberty

Under the Canopy of the Museo Nacional de Antropología

In the Museum of Antropology, a Replica of a Cave Painting

In the Blue House of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera an Amusing Diorama

Palacio de Bellas Artes. We took the photo from the restaurant balcony of a nearby Sears department store.

Sueann and Jeff in Front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes

Center Section of Man at the Crossroads by Diego Rivera at the Palacio de Bellas Artes

Right Section of Man at the Crossroads Showing Science Socialism and Peace

Left Section of Man at the Crossroads Showing Capitalism and War

Center View of Diego Rivera's Famous Fifty Foot Fresco, 'Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park'. The skeleton is Calavera Catrina which is Diego's Parody of Vanity. To the left stands Frida Kahlo and the 10 Year Old Diego himself. To the right of Calavera Catrina is a Representation of the Famous Mexican Printmaker and Lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posada. Posada created the Calaveras Figures and used them to parody many facits of 19th Century Mexican life.

Out in Front of the Museo de Arte Popular

Wood Statue of a Jaguar at the Museo de Arte Popular

Museo de Arte Popular Peacock

Various Sculptures at the Museo de Arte Popular

These Frogs are Roasting!

Fine Bead Work at the Museo de Arte Popular

Dancing in Alameda Park on a Saturday Afternoon

On a Boat at the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco. Xochimilco is at the far south end of Mexico City, a 45 minute metro ride followed by a 20 minute tram ride. We were led by an "official" guide to a dock where the price of of the boat ride through the canals was 350 pesos per person ($28). After very hard bargaining we got it down to 300 persons for the two of us. At other docks we could have paid as little as 30 pesos each.

Senor Gangnam Style Wrestler at the Lucha Libre in Mexico City

Lucha Libre (Mexican Costume Wrestling) where the wrestlers wear masks and costumes, don't just fight in the ring and where the rules are meant to be broken.

A Nice Seat Outside The Main Post Office of Mexico City

Next We Flew from Mexico City to Cancun and Took a Bus Down to Playa del Carmen for a Few Days of Relaxation

La Pasion Hotel Boutique with Two Pools and a Courtyard Full of Palms and Plants was the Perfect Place for Us to Relax

Babe's Bar near our Hotel was a Good Place for a Margarita. On Valentines Day Babe's Gave Us a Free Strawberry Margarita.

Some Pretty Basins

From Playa del Carmen We Took a Bus to Valladolid which is About Halfway to Merida. Near Our Hotel in Valldolid a Shoemaker had Placed Some of His Work on the Curb

We Went to Valldolid in Order to Visit the Nearby Archaeological Site, Ek Balem. Here We See the Large Temple of Ek Balem (the straw coverings are just to provide shade for the Archaeologists)

Next We Took a Bus to Merida. Shown Here is the Interior of the Merida Cathedral, the Catedral de San Idelfonso

A Depiction of the Virgin of Guadalupe from Inside the Palacio de Montejo, a Working Bank and Museum of Banamex, Mexico's 2nd Largest Bank now Part of Citigroup. Originally the Building was the Home of the First Spanish Leader to Unify Spain's Hold on the Entire Yucatan Peninsula.

A Pair of Carved Leopards in Merida's Museo de Arte Popular. I guess the Museum Ran Out of Normal Display Space

We Enjoyed a Concert at the Teatro Jose Peon Contreras in Merida

A Blouse that was Part of an Exhbition of Fine Embroidery at the Anthropology and History Museum. Surprisingly, there was not Much Else at the Museum

Carriages Waiting for Tourists Near the Cathedral

The End.

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