2013 Paris Trip, September 9th - September 30th

We lived in Paris from May 1968 through June 1969. It was a wonderful year and we became friends with Colette, a French women married at that time to an American man. Throughout the years we have continued to have a close relationship with Colette visiting her several times in Paris and she visiting us in Menlo Park and in Rome and Barcelona during our housing swaps. This September we are swapping with friends of Colette which gives us a Paris apartment for most of the month.

Click on a story:

    1. First Days of the Trip:     Le Marais, the Pompidou

    2. September 12th:     Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame

    3. September 13th - September 14th:     Montmartre, St. Denis

    3. September 15th:     Woman's run, Quai Branly Museum

    4. September 17th:     Place Vendome

    5. September 20th:     A Walk on the Wild Side (with color)

    6. September 21st and Onward

Map of Paris with orange marker for our apartment location .
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