September 12th: Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame

September 12th, La Sainte-Chapelle

Constructed in the mid 13th century in only 11 years, St. Chapelle provides possibly the best in-situ example of 13th-century stained glass anywhere in the world. It was built was built to house Louis IX's collection of relics of Christ.

Of the 1,134 stained glass panels, 720 are original.

In addition to the stained glass,
there are lovely paintings of The Passion.

September 12th, Notre Dame

It is amazing to think that religious ceremonies have been perfromed in this grand gothic church for over 850 years. Notre Dame is probably the best known church in our time.

The fašade is an imposing, simple and harmonious mass whose strength and sombre grandeur is based on interplay between vertical and horizontal lines: four powerful buttresses that spring up to the top of the towers, lifting them heavenwards. They symbolically let us know that this cathedral-church was built for God. two wide horizontal strips seem to bring the building back down to our mortal earth. This cathedral-church is also a cathedral for men.
(quoted from

Your authors in front of the mighty church.

We did not enter Notre Dame. The waiting line was too daunting. On the following Saturday evening we did attend an organ concert in the church. The organ has 7,374 pipes and can really shake the building and its occupants.

Side view showing flying butresses and the lovely garden.

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