September 20th

September 20th, A Walk on the Wild Side (with color)

Paris is loaded with tourists and since we lived here in 1968 and have visited here a number of times since then, we are not driven to revisit the major tourist sites. We often look for interesting areas off the beaten path. While scanning the Web for such areas we came across a street art walking tour in Belleville, an interesting area in northeast Paris. We followed the tour and were rewarded by plenty of interesting "street art" otherwise know as graffiti.

Most of the street art was the wild, unrepresentational scribble stuff. But in a few places we found some very nice representational art such as the work above.

Another very nice represenational work.

The very first street of our walk. We were surprised since previously we had not seen much graffiti.

The other side of the first street. What a street!

At one point we came upon a group of people doing tai-chi. The leader was quite active in helping the people improve their style.

This was a very pleasant intersection of several streets where we sat in a cafe for quite some time enjoying life.

The man on the scaffolding and the man sitting atop the building are mannequins. The phrase on the large chaulk board, "il faut mefier des mots" means "must be wary of the words."

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