Jeff and Sueann's Rome Trip - Introduction

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picture July 1st

Sueann and I love to travel … of course you know that. About a month ago we were playing one of our favorite games "Where would you like to go?" My answer was "Rome." A few days later Sueann saw a listing on Craiglist’s "Housing Swap" Web page ( from someone wanting to trade her small Rome apartment for a place near Stanford University. And so began our next adventure.

Our swap-mate is, Irene, a young Italian woman who is a lawyer for the Italian counterpart of our SEC. She’s going to be studying at Stanford and we are going to be exploring Rome from September 8th through December 7th.

We are naturally very excited. Sueann likes to start packing for a trip early so already, two months before we depart, her suitcase is out and has begun to fill. I couldn’t let her get too much ahead of me so my suitcase is out as well. We’ve been stocking up on some of the necessities and already have phrase books, tourist maps and power adapters. We have EuroCards waiting for us at the first stop of our trip in Paris. And thanks to a small pension I earned while working in Germany we have some Euros in the bank to spend.

We leave on August 24th and first head for Paris where we will visit with our friend Colette. From Paris we fly to Munich where we will visit with a number of friends. Then we take a small detour to Berlin. We haven’t been to Berlin since the Wall came down and we understand it is a very lively and interesting town. I guess we will see for ourselves. Finally on September 8th we fly to Rome and will meet Irene who leaves for the States the next day.

We plan to take Sueann's portable computer with us and we have been told that we will find a WiFi Internet connection in the backyard of the apartment where we will be staying. With lots of free time I imagine that we will be able to write descriptions of what we encounter. We will try to post these on our Rome Trip Web Page and will notify you by email as new information goes up on the page. Please let me know if you would prefer not to receive the notifications.

For now, Arrivederci.


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