First Day in Rome

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picture September 9th

We arrived in Rome yesterday, Saturday, and today we went to the Stazione Termini (main train station) to find a Tourist office. We couldn't find the Tourist Office so we just took the Metro (subway) to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We hadn't planned to do this and we were blown away with the sights. The photo to the right was taken at the Roman Forum.

But I am getting ahead of our story. Let's go back to the beginning. We left California on August 24th and flew to Paris. We had a Euro Debit Card wating for us at our friend Colette's apartment but had to change Dollars to Euros to pay for the bus and taxi. I changed $100 at the rate of $1.5012 per Euro (!!!). By the time we arrived at Colette's I had about 25 Euros left from our $100. OK, lucky for us we have plenty of Euros in our European account so we will not be changing any more Dollars. Colette took wonderful care of us as did the Zabels in Augusburg and the Symths in Munich. We are lucky folks.


We lived in Paris in 1968 and from 1987 to 1997 I did some work for France Telecom and visited Paris a few times each year. Now, ten years after our last visit to Paris, the city looks terrific. The streets are clean and well paved, the buildings are in good shape and many are new and the transportation system of buses and metro is super. Everywhere in Europe we have been before Rome has looked great in terms of infrastructure and it seems to me that our country is falling behind. The photo to the right shows Sueann and Colette walking on the bank of the Seine going toward the Eiffel Tower.

You haven't heard much from us since we left home because we have had very little Internet access since then. Arriving at our apartment in Rome, we find that our computer doesn't work with the WiFi wireless networking system here. This means we will have to go to an Internet Cafe to send these messages - just a minor difficulty but it means we may not be writing as frequently as we had hoped to.

Sueann and I are pretty tired tonight so that's all for now. Well be back before long with more.

We hope you are well and happy.

Jeff and Sueann from Rome

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