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Chiang Rai Night Market

After our visit to the Golden Triangle we drove back to the large town of Chiang Rai where we found our dinner in a food court area in the night market.

We walked around looking for something yummy. The Young woman below is cutting something which I believe is a special sausage made only in Northeastern Thailand. We had some of this sausage the next day and it was very delicious. But at the time when this photo was taken, we didn't know anything about Northeastern special sausage so we skipped right on by. Our loss.

Eggrolls, french fries, fried tofu and bamboo worms followed by what may be fried chicken:




Before leaving for Thailand, we had had three two-hour lessons in tourist Thai from a young woman in Oakland. One of the important things I got under my belt was "Tie ruup die mai", may I take your picture? Mostly Thai people were agreeable to having their pictures taken by tourists. Occasionally someone answered "mai die" - cannot. This young fellow serving up soup in a bag got a big smile when I asked him. He was quite happy to have his photo taken:


Sueann very much likes to substitute tastes of several interesting things for a big meal, so she is quite happy walking around a bunch of food stands.


In the end we decided to have some grilled fish that was recommended by another tour member we ran into. The fish below were priced by size from 90 baht ($2.50) to 120 baht ($3.35). We picked a fish for 100 baht ($2.80) and it was large and very delicious. On another night we tried to get the same thing but when our grilled fish arrived it had been cooked in tin foil and was mushy instead of dry and did not have that delicious grilled flavor.

We are near the end of our tour. Next time the umbrella factory and elephants.

Jeff February 4, 2007

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