2012 Toulouse Trip, June 19th - July 20th

May 20th, 2012 ... Another housing swap! This time with a family from Brax France, a tiny town that is about 15 miles from Toulouse. Actually our home will be about 1 mile from Brax. It seems to us that there will be a lot to do there. Of course we want to explore Toulouse as well as visit at least one of the caves in the Dordogne region which is about 80 miles north of Toulouse. We also plan to make an overnight trip to Bilbao, Spain, to see the Guggenheim Museum where the main atrraction is the museum's architecture designed by Frank Gehry. We will probably also get to places we have visited in the past including Cahors, Carscassone, and Perpignan. Other places that interest us include the French/Spanish Basque region, the town and area around Bordeaux and many others. We are excited and are looking forward to this trip with great enthusiasm.
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    1. First Days of the Trip
    2. Visit to Albi
    3. In Bordeaux for the Wine Festival
    4. First Week in July
    5. Bilbao
    6. A Little Story About Sunflowers

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