In Bordeaux for the Wine Festival

We had planned our trip to Bordeaux several days in advance of our departure on Thursday, June 28th. Somehow we managed to do this without looking at Bordeaux's web pages. Big Mistake for when we arrived at about 3PM we found the traffic to be horrendous due to the huge Wine festival. All hotel rooms were booked according to the Bureau de Tourisme. We could try calling some hotels across the river but no guarantees offered. Things looked dismal.

First hotel across the river was full. But the second, an Ibis Hotel (a chain that we like), had one room left at a quite reasonable price (90 Euros). With the help of our GPS Belle we quickly arrived at the Ibis and visited our room. Then we walked over the bridge to the main streets of Bordeaux. We decided not to do the wine tasting offered by the the Festival because my stomach was not thinking that would be a good idea. So we walked around for a couple of hours seeing what sights we could without entering any buildings. What a grand town Bordeaux is! According to Wikipedia, the Bordeaux area has been producing wine since 800 AD and now ships almost 15 billion Euros of wine annually. Over the years that business helped create a city that shows it wealth.

One of Bordeaux's Many Gates: Porte Cailhau

Grand Bordeaux   (Web Photo)

We sat down at a nice cafe and a cheese sandwich made my stomach feel much better. From one street corner Sueann saw an area full of graceful booths cloked in white tent like structures. We wander over to find a huge collection of food and drink concessions from different areas of France and from different nations. This was part of the the evening festivities of the wine festival. The was a central walk way running between the "tents" and we walked it all the way to the end, perhaps 100 yards or even more. Most of the tents were well populated with revellers eating and drinking and making merry. It was a great party.

Things Were Just Starting to Hop

Oh Yes!

People Having Fun and We Were Too

Only the US Booth was Empty

Video of Wine Festival in the Evening

One More Photo from Bordeaux - Wouldn't You Love to Be There?

Friday morning we left Bordeaux because sightseeing would have been much hindered by the wine festival crowds. We drove for a hour or so to Saint Emilion where we took an hour long wine tour. The tour went through St. Emilion and neighboring appelations and passed by some of the greatest vineyards - even I recognize their names: Chateau Beausejour, Chateau Figeac, Chateau Cheval Blanc, Petrus and many others. In the small town of St. Emilion every other shop is a wine shop where you can taste wines. Of course they aren't going to open a bottle of Chateau Figeac unless you are likely to buy several cases or more. We tasted a number of wines ranging in price from 8 Euros to 16 Euros. It was fun to taste but we really didn't like any of the wines that we tasted. Back home in Brax, people are drinking a lot of Rose wine and so are we.

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