A Few Random Photos

Nosellari Mountain Background

                                                                    The main street of Nosellari, our town in Trentino

Nosellari Chiesa

                                                                             Inside the Chiesa of Nosellari      

Beseno Castle near Rovereto

                                                                      A Web photo of the Castle Beseno

Castle Beseno is a huge Castle located on a hill high above the Adige valley about 8 kilometers north of Rovereto.  The Castle is a very visible landmark for traffic going south past Trento.  It is the largest castle in the Trentino.  The first written documents mentioning the Castle date back to the 12th century.

Beseno Castle Walls

                                                                               The walls of Castle Beseno

Inside Beseno Castle walls

                                                                 Inside the outer wall of Castle Beseno

Jeff in Beseno armor

                                                                          Jeff in Castle Beseno Armor

The Cheese Sisters

                                                                                      The Cheese Sisters

On our way to Asiago one Saturday we saw lots of farms that offered sale of formaggio (cheese).  Most of them were up long gravel roads and I didn't care to take our little Fiat Punto across these roads.  Soon however we came to a place that had parking and where one could walk up to the farm house.  And it was mobbed.  So we figured the cheese must be pretty good.  24 Euros later we had a nice bag of cheese which has lasted us about 3 weeks.  We still have about a pound of the hard cheese left to be grated.   The "cheese sisters" were incredilble entertainers and they really sold a lot of cheese.

A cart in Carbonare

                                                              A wagon in the nearby town of Carbonare

Cattle Crossing

                                                                     We believe this is a cattle crossing

A farm in a small valley

                                                                               A farm in a small valley

1918-1921 War Cemetary

          A cemetary of war dead from the 1918-1921 war between Trentino-Alto Adige and Austro-Hungarian forces

Web photo of Pergine Castle

                                                        A Web photo of the Castle/Hotel Pergine

Taken from a web page about the castle: "Pergine Castle is a majestic 13th century castle surrounded by robust walls, situated on a hill dominating the Alta Valsugana Valley. For a long time it was the property of the dukes of Austria and then belonged to Emperor Massimiliano I.   Today the property of the Swiss Oss family, the castle functions as hotel, restaurant and museum."  

A veiw of Pergine Castle

                                                                     Another photo of the Castle/Hotel Pergine

Looking down on Pergine

                                                        The town of Pergine as seen from the Castle/Hotel

Restaurant Couple

                                        A very nice couple who run a very nice restaurant in the Val d'astico

Little Italian Boy

                                                                       A young boy in a restaurant in Folgaria

The thing about boy children in Italy is that they are treated like Lords - by their grandmothers and by everyone that comes in contact with them.  We were seated in a restaurant in the nearby ski town of Folgaria when a family sat down at the next table.  Almost before anyone at that table had ordered anything a large plate of rigatoni came out for the boy.  Then a bib and a special table attached seat in back of which was placed a chair should the table seat fall.  None of this made the boy any too happy.

A stop for coffee at Lake Garda

                                                                      Relaxing on the shores of Lago di Garda

Duck at Lake Garda

                                                                          A duck on the bank of Lago di Garda

Surfing Duck at Lake Garda

                                                                                   A surfing duck in Lago di Garda

Bolzano Palazi

                                                                                              Palazzi in Bolzano

Very best wishes to you,
Sueann and Jeff

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